Marble x-ray markers
White Marble Design Resin X-ray Markers

White Marble Design Resin X-ray Markers

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Radiology Markers with Initials. Stunning black and white marbled X-ray markers. Made using epoxy resin.

Choose from 1-1/2 x 1 inch Rectangle, 1-1/8 square or, 1-1/8 circle shape.

 What are Radhesives?

You get 2 Radhesive ™ Strips. This is our Extra Strong and Durable X-Ray Marker Washable Adhesive.
It's the best x-ray adhesive we have and the one we personally use.

- Convenient and easy to use
- Clean with water or wipes
- Super Strong
- Stick markers anywhere
- Sticks to surfaces other washable strips don't
- Dab on scrubs to reduce strength to your liking
- Perfect for aluminum, resin, and plastic markers